Blueye Tactical sunglasses S.O.S Supercell Photochromatic

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Product description

Product description


Tactical sunglasses designed for special operations. The sunglasses are equipped with foil strip off system. In case that the unit comes close to a target destination when its raining, they can strip the foil off the sunglasses before they enter to the object and ensure that their visual is perfect

One of the best tactical sunglasses on the market. 

Frame colour: Matt Black

Changeable lenses: clear and tinted, 2.5 polycarbon, certificated against balistic objects, Certificated zero visual distortion. Maximum UVA and UVB protection.

Treatment of the lenses: Inside and outside treatment against mist

Frame: Fireproof material TPV, foam fireproof material on the inside od the sunglasses, designed for maximum comfort. Ventilation system for conducting away humidity.

Visual field: Design of the frame guarantee wide visual field

Compability: The sunglasses are compatible with all kinds of helmets including OPS Core and with night vision devices NVG and optical aiming devices.

Fastening strap: Fastening strap with possibility of quick throw away. Nonslip silicon material on the inside. Adjustable strap, protective cover

Included accessories: tactical case for transport

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