Mechanix Wear gloves were created in 1993 as a response to the need of motorsport mechanics for protective gloves with a requirement for high sensitivity for working with small parts, etc. Over time, Mechanix gloves have become the best-known and most sought-after gloves not only in motorsport, but especially in the field of armed and security forces. They protect the user's hands and at the same time enable the effective use of weapons, radio stations, but also tablets, etc. Mechanix Wear gloves are today the most famous manufacturer of professional gloves in the world.


RDO is a new Czech family brand that deals with tactical and outdoor equipment, which is designed in cooperation with members of the IZS units and professionals in the outdoor field.


At the request of the Australian special forces SASR, the Australian company that produces excellent military glasses has embarked on the development of tactical glasses, and the result is a comprehensive line that meets the most demanding tests for military glasses. At the same time, it meets the requirements for ergonomics like no other global brand of tactical glasses manufacturer. Compatibility with protective headphones, communication headsets and helmets is absolutely unrivaled. When developing the glasses, the designers thought about the details that facilitate the use of the glasses in combat conditions and the durability that they must have in the most difficult situations.


Knee and elbow protectors from the American company ALTA are one of the best-known types in the military and security environment. It stands out for its durability, very low weight, but above all the best ergonomic properties on the market. The ALTA Lock fastening system, the Contour design, the use of Vibram or, in the latest models, the D3O material make ALTA protectors the best knee and elbow protection products in the world.


The EXOSKEL special protectors were born in the mind of a member of the New Zealand special unit SAS during one of the events when he and his colleagues struggled to get into the building through the skylights. The standard protectors either slipped or were not in the right places on the body. He soon realized the idea, and EXOSKEL protectors, which enable seamless overcoming of window frames, walls and all possible obstacles, are used today by dozens of emergency units and teams around the world. The non-flammable and ultra-light mixture of plastics from which they are made gives them unique properties and function.


The SLIDEBELT survival belt is a completely unique product that combines incredible useful properties and a great design that will not embarrass you even at a social event and remains inconspicuous and discreet. A belt with an inner nylon strap with a huge load capacity, the possibility of sliding the buckle by approx. 5 mm, a hidden knife, a magnesium lighter and a miniature LED flashlight make the SURVIVAL SLIDEBELT a unique product for connoisseurs or for men who want to be ready for anything.


Italian brand 4-14 Factory offers tactical and outdoor clothing, accessories, ballistic plates and much more. Their clothing may look inconspicuous at first glance, but when needed, their hidden tactical purpose is revealed. Their products are not only of high quality, but above all comfortable and popular throughout Europe.


The goal of the English company Arktis was to create an alternative to British standard military equipment. Today, it produces all kinds of special clothing and equipment for demanding military units, police forces, security personnel and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.


AVEC CHEM specializes in the production of protective masks and filters of all types. Thanks to their own laboratory for research and testing of their products, they are some of the highest quality and most modern protective equipment on the market.


VM Footwear is a Czech company that offers high-quality shoes for every environment. In the 20 years that it has been operating on the market, it has managed to build a clientele not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe. Their shoes are among the most unpopular among policemen and soldiers.

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