VM Desert boots Manchester

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Product description

Product description


The VM Manchester desert combat boots are designed in the Czech Republic and were developed with the assistance of members of the Army of the Czech Republic and members of private security organizations operating in the Middle East and Africa. Mid-shin shoes have the ideal height for sufficient protection of the ankle and hole, but at the same time allow the ankle to move freely and do not create unwanted pressure on the calf muscles.

It is made of ground beef velor with a thickness of 1.8 mm in combination with nylon fabric, ensuring ventilation and removal of water vapor from the shoes. The side panels made of nylon are located in the middle part of the shoe and are reinforced with a lattice structure. This solution ensures high resistance and durability of the footwear.

The shoes are protected by a cover tongue, which can be used to cover the lace loop and thus keep it untied in the middle of the action. The rear loop is reinforced and offers and speeds up the putting on of the shoes even when they are half untied.

The EVA/RUBBER rubber sole is glued, antistatic with non-slip treatment. The sole pattern was chosen to ensure stable adhesion on any surface.

VM Manchester boots meet the ČSN EN ISO 20347:2012 standard as protective work equipment.



upper material ground beef VELUR in a thickness of 1.7 - 1.9 mm
lining laminated breathable MESH fabric
insole  lightweight polyurethane with high absorbency, antistatic
sole EVA/RUBBER - glued structure, resistant to fuel oils, anti-slip, anti-static
size 39 - 47 
standart ČSN EN ISO 20347:2012
implementation O2 FO SRC - without composite core and Kevlar planchet